Win Either Half

To Win Either Half Bet means that you have to successfully predict a team to outscore their opponent in at least one half of a football match.


20:15 ICE Fylkir Vs Akranes AWEH ??
19:00 EURO U19 Northern Ireland U19 Vs Ukraine U19 AWEH ??


Win Either Half (HWEH) and (AWEH) Betting tips

A Win Either Half prediction is a common kind of football betting in which the bettor picks which team will win at least one of the game’s two halves.
You must accurately predict a side that will outscore their opponent in at least One Half of a football match. Injury time is included in this betting option, but additional time is not.

HWEH prediction simply means home must win either of the halves.

AWEH prediction means at the end the football match away must win either of the halves.

This betting type, which falls under the category of a Single Bet, is particularly popular among punters. You do not need to predict the result of the match, nor is the side you have bet on needed to win the match, the team you have bet on must score more goals than their opponent in either half of that particular football match.

For example, When a match ends Chelsea 1:2 Aves FT(1:1 HT), AWEH (Yes) bet would have won because the away team won in the second half of the game.
When a match ends Manchester Unity 2:1 Getafe FT(2:1 HT), away win either half (Yes) is a loss as the away team fail to win in either half of the game.