Double Chance

Directpredict offers sure double chance prediction to all punters across the world. Double chance bet is considered to be one of the most popular sports betting markets in which you stake money on two possible outcomes of an event. A home win, a tie, or an away win are the three potential results.


20:15 ICE Fylkir Vs Akranes X2 ??
17:00 INTL Rosenborg Vs Manchester Utd X2 ??
19:30 ROM Petrolul Vs Gloria Buzau 1X ??


What Is a Double Chance Bet?

 A double chance bet is when you make a two-in-one bet. You can bet on the home team to win or draw (1X), away to win or draw (2X), or either any Team to Win (12). It is one of many that are unique to sports betting.

In order to reduce risk when betting on a match winner, this type of betting market is a safer option. If you’re undecided, you can simply place a double chance bet instead of picking a winner or loser if you’re undecided.

The double chance bet comes in three options:
Home team to win the match or draw;
Away team to win the match or draw; or
Home or away team to win.

Home Team To Win Or Draw (1x):

A bet on the double chance 1x is simply a wager on the home team to win or draw the game. If you think the home team will win because of the advantage they have, but the away team will give them a good fight, then this is the market for you to bet on. For example, in a match between Liverpool and Newcastle, you can use the 1X double chance option, especially if you are confident that the home team, Chelsea, will win the match. If the game ends in a draw, you will still win your bet.

Home Team To Win Or Away Team To Win (12):

The double chance 12 is a bet you place when you don’t have a strong opinion about the final score but are confident that there will be no draw. It’s possible for either team, home or away, to come out on top.
Once a bettor plays the home team to win or the away team to win in his ticket this double Chance option means if the home team wins the game at the end of the match your ticket is played at the same time if the away team wins the match you will also will the game but if both teams draw the match you will lose the game.

For example, if Liverpool is playing against Manchester United at Anfield and at the end of the match both teams play draw(X), you will lose the game.

Away Team To Win Or Draw (X2):

When you opt for the X2 double chance bet, you are essentially saying you think the away team will win or draw. In other words, the visiting team could be in fine form and a strong favourite to win the match.

There is a chance, though, that the home team will have a superior defence and a distinct advantage because of playing at home. In this case, if the visiting team doesn’t win, it might at least get a tie. It’s best that you compare the teams to see which one is more formidable or has a better shot at winning.

For instance, if there is a game between Tottenham and Manchester City, and you choose the X2 bet. It means you are confident that Manchester City will win. If that doesn’t happen, your bet will still win if the match ends in a draw.